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Powder Handling Systems Manufacturer
Trusted By Over 283 Particles And Powder Process Manufacturers Worldwide

Yinda have been developing, designing and manufacturing mills, mixers, vibrating screens, drying ovens and packaging machines for many years, which are widely used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and can be customized in various sizes and capacity.

we have accumulated rich and in-depth experience that we are known for fine powder processing and enjoy sharing with our customers.

By providing high quality, high performance machinery, we promote trouble-free, efficient production processes, maximise our customers’ productivity and profits, and ensure machine availability and longevity.

In addition, we can help you integrate our mills into a complete processing solution, covering everything from cleaning, grinding and mixing to drying and packaging.

Futhermore, we can also provide you with consulting services, sourcing, engineering and technical support from anywhere in the world.


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Testing Centre

Powder handling systems are an important investment in your business, and we will guide and ensure you are choosing the efficient equipments to fulfill your needs and budget from a complex range of equipments with different characteristics.


Yinda Manufacturing Service offers a wide range of powder processing technologies and is very flexible in accommodating your specifications!


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Engineering Services

Yinda Machinery provides customers with a depth of experience and outstanding technology in powder processing technology.

We have a team of professional engineers that specialize in designing and developing innovative solutions for the widest range of applications.

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