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Bin Blender Column for Dry Mixing Powder is helpful for homogenous mixing of dry powders in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry. It offers minimum cross-contamination and allows thorough and adequate mixing. The different bins can be easily handled, cleaned, assembled, and organized.

Yinda is the flag bearer producing the most unique and innovative designs for a Bin Blender Column for Dry Mixing Powder.


Working Principle of Bin Blender Column for Dry Mixing Powder

 Bin Blender Column for Dry Mixing Powder comes with a centrally controlled microprocessor unit with set values for rotation speed, time, and other data, which can be adjusted according to the process. After the mixing has been done, the processed material is automatically slid down the column, making room for the next batch. It is essential to tighten the gyrator arm and the locknut. You can release the processed material by unlocking it, and thus the mixer is ready for the next round.

YD Powder Handling Systems certification

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Bin Blender – The All-Around FAQ Guide

The industrial market for machinery and equipment never stopped evolving – let alone, bin blenders have been part of the most important and most-sold and sought-after equipment in this category of business.

Unsure of what a bin blender is or how it can be of assistance to you? Do you want to learn more about this particular type of free-fall blenders? Fret not, because in this FAQ guide, you will learn everything you need to know about bin blenders before you get your hands on them!

What is a Bin Blender?

figure 1 what is a bin blender
Figure 1 – An image of what a bin blender looks like

In the simplest and easiest definitions possible, a bin blender is a specialized type of free-fall blender that are typically used if the volume or the amount is more than the total available carriage of a container.

NOTE: Bin blenders are also called tumble blenders or industrial blender, too.

What is the Working Principle of a Bin Blender?

figure 2 what is the working principle of a bin blender
Figure 2 – An image of what a bin blender looks like

The working principle of bin blenders is actually known and considered two or dual-principle. The first principle is the blending action that is made and produced as the material inside it is tumbled; it’s created by the waves it has.

Then, the second working principle or blending action is done via what we call cradle orientation. In simpler terms, it is when the main vessel is regularly changed, moved, and tumbled in order to mix and combine the products properly.

What Industries Use Bin Blenders?

figure 4 what industries use bin blenders
Figure 4 – Many industries make use of bin blenders to create produce for their projects

Bin blenders are equipment considered staples in various industries all over the world. These industries include, but are not limited to:

  • Pharmaceutical and Drugs Industry
  • Chemical and Laboratories Industry
  • Food Processing and Packaging Industry
  • Animal Feeds Industry
  • Construction and Structural Sector
  • And Many More!

The uses and importance of bin blenders aren’t just limited to these. If you are in an industry that you think needs bin blenders, we can be of help and assistance!  

Bin Blender vs. V-Blender

figure 5 bin blender vs. v blender
Figure 5 – An image of what a V-blender –looks like, very different from a bin blender

Bin blenders and V benders are two (2) of the most common types of blenders used in a wide number of industries. And while most of you might think they’re the same, there are subtle and slight differences between them.

To help you, here are each of their benefits and advantages!

Bin Blenders


Bin-shaped, either symmetrical or asymmetrical.

They are “V” in shape.

Usually needs to be semi-automatic or automatic because of the weight of the bin.

They can have a manual rotational system, depending on the model or the unit.

Can be used for mixing lubricants and other liquids, turning them into powder; can also be used only for powder, too.

Best for the mixing of dry powder constituents, often used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Cleaning can be a challenge, especially if the products or constituents are not of the same kind.

Easy to clean, charge, and unload because of the wide mouth.

These differences between V and bin blenders are not all. You will also find these differences more obvious when you start using them for yourself!

What Materials Are Bin Blenders Made Of?

The usual make and composition of bin blenders would be stainless steel, both inside and out. You might be wondering why stainless steel, but, technically, it’s because of the fact that the materials and constituents you’ll pour and process would be liquids and powders, which can cause damage and abrasion – even chemical reaction to the material of the blender.

With stainless steel, the entire machine will be kept safe and free from corrosion, abrasion and damage, overall.

What Are IBC Bin Blenders?

figure 6 what are ibc bin blenders
Figure 6 – What an IBC bin blender looks like

IBC, short for Intermediate Bulk Containers, would be the regular size and volume bin blenders are typically produced and manufactured. They’re excellently efficient when it comes to blending, and are often made and known by how irregular or asymmetrical their shapes are.  

Pros of Using Bin Blenders

Bin blenders can help you and your business, especially if you think you will need some type of automatic machine doing it for you. So, here are some of the benefits and advantages of using bin blenders or in bin blending in general?

  1. Reduced risk of segregation
  2. Zero or no downtime for cleaning and maintenance
  3. Complete containment of the product
  4. Heightened flexibility in processing
  5. Faster and reduced blending times in comparison to other types of blenders and mixers
  6. Automation is easy and is currently the standard

Cons of Using Bin Blenders

While you might think of bin blenders to be all rainbows and butterflies, you will also find and come across cons or disadvantages of bin blending; they include, but are not limited to:

  1. Cleaning can be a bit of a hassle, especially if the products and contents are not the same
  2. All elements are subject to wear and tear
  3. The structure is irregular and asymmetrical, so, you might get confused during the first few times

Where Can You Get High-Quality Bin Blenders?

China has been the world’s hub when it comes to machinery and equipment like this, and, in case you didn’t know, we here at Yinda Machinery have been identified by many business owners and companies as their go-to when it comes to quality bin blenders.

Our line-up of bin blenders have been commended worldwide as we’re able to help all our clients with the specific design, functionality, and model of bin blenders they want and need.

All our bin blenders have been rated and graded as efficient and energy-saving compared to traditional and normal blenders. We were able to design specific mixing patterns in various speeds and angles. We can assure you that we’ll be able to deliver the specific bin blender you want and need!

Why Go For Yinda Machinery’s Bin Blenders

In terms of credentials, Yinda Machinery has been rated and commended as one of the greatest. We are SGS, CE, and ISO certified and we are equipped with the right skills and experience in producing whatever kind and type of bin blender you want and need.

Besides bin blenders, we’re also the best place you can go to if you ever need other machines and equipment like air classifier mills, trough mixers, vibro sifters, tray dryers, and others! Reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to help you with what you need!

Wherever you are in the world, Yinda Machinery Co., Ltd. is just a call away!


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