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Yinda Machinery is a leading manufacturer and factory of chemical mixer machine in China and offers chemicals mixer machines in different sizes, capacities, and optional accessories.

We sell these machines all over the world at factory prices, durable& reliable design for years of production.

Yinda engineering team makes precisely designed chemicals mixer machine for laboratory and industrial production. The features of each machine is compact design and increased productivity.

Yinda: Your Reliable Chemical Mixer Machine Supplier In China

1)if your project on powder processing needs to import a chemical mixer machine, then Yinda will be your best choice to manufacture your chemicals mixer mahine orders.

2)Yinda is one of the leading chenmical mixer machines suppliers and all of our chemicals mixers machines can meet ISO/CE/GMP standards, and we will provide a competitive price based on your project.

3)Yinda will give you the best chemical mixer machines solution based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team, and know more about powder and particle processing that we enjoy sharing with customers.

4) Drop us an email and send your detailed requirement now!

A chemical mixer machine is used by mixing various ingredients to make one chemical.

There is a wide range of processes that are involved in the making of these ingredients. This one homogenous chemical can be separated into one single ingredient, or it happens naturally with time. Yinda machinery is a renowned and leading manufacturing chemical mixer machines factory in China. You can get a chemical Mixer Machine in different sizes and capacities. The essential process of the chemical mixer is used widely in various industries, including pharmaceutical, plastic, cosmetic and food.

Chemical mixer machine has the features of high mixing efficiency, good mixing quality, short discharge time, and low residue.

It also widely used in other relative industries, such as pharmaceutical, food,mineral and cosmetic applications.

Stainless steel manufacturing with wear protection,  and equip with various configurations available to produce a wide range of products and results.

Yinda request you to share the enquiry indicating name of your chemical materials, target capacity, fineness required to help you select the efficient mixing machine.

Chemical Mixer Machine– The Perfect FAQ Guide

We provide high-quality chemical mixer machines at affordable rates all over the world.

If you are If you want to get the durable and high-quality Chemical mixer machine, you can avail our reliable services.

In Yinda machinery, our professional experts make precise designed chemical machines for industries and laboratories with varying features. While you are looking for a chemical mixer company, Yinda machinery provides expert and renowned chemical blending services.

We have been in the blending and mixing industry for many years. We sell machines all over the world at factory prices. Our designs are unique, durable, high quality and as per the standards.

Types of Chemical Mixer Machine

At Yinda machinery, we provide different varieties of Chemicals Mixer Machines according to the requirement and productivity.

Chemical Three Dimensional Mixer

The 3D chemical mixer is a high-efficiency mixer machine that mixes two or three powder ingredients. It is widely used in the chemical and medical industries. The 3D Chemicals Mixer Machine Factory is used to mix powdery substances with different sizes and weights. It consists of three-dimensional swings which generate strong pulse movement to mix the materials effectively. The product is mixed in different containers of different sizes, so this production procedure is hygienic.

The mixing procedure is done from the centre to the end of the trough and from top to bottom. This multi-dimensional mixing saves cost by ensuring a short mixing time. Yinda machinery is the professional 3D Chemicals Mixer Machine Factory in China. We provide different types of 3D mixers with high-quality standards.

Chemical V Blenders Machine

The Chemical V blender machine is used for mixing dry ingredients like food, medicine, ceramics, granule and other industries powder. This chemical V blender is easy to operate and is made of stainless steel that makes it easy to clean. It consists of two asymmetrical cylinders, and the material can move in vertical and horizontal directions. There is no transmission mechanism, so it’s safe to operate in compliance with GMP standards. If you are looking for the Chemicals Mixer Machine from the leading manufacturer companies, Yinda machinery is here to offer you different sizes and capacities of Chemical V blenders. We provide the best Chemical V blenders at factory prices. We provide the best mixing solutions for your company’s requirements by assisting our professional technical team. Yinda is the professional and committed Chemicals Mixer Machine, and all our mixers and blenders comply with ISO/GE/GMP standards.

Chemical Ribbon Mixer Blender

Chemical Ribbon Mixer blender is a U shaped mixing vessel with a fabricated ribbon agitator. The agitator made of a set of inner and outer helical agitators. The inner ribbon moves material from the centre to the ends, while the outer layer moves the material from the ends to the centre. This results in the homogenous blending of the materials. As a professional and committed Chemicals Mixer Machine supplier, Yinda machinery designs and manufactures all types of ribbon blenders with high-quality standards. For your company’s needs to have a high-quality chemical ribbon mixer, Yinda is the best choice to manufacture ribbon blenders at reasonable rates.

Features of a Chemical Mixer Machine

  • Chemicals Mixer Machine provides the best homogenous mixing of the materials with no dead points.
  • As there are separate portions for mixing materials, it ensures safety, cleanliness and offers no contaminations or emissions.
  • At the end of mixing, there is a complete discharge and easy cleaning.
  • There is a safety cage, so the safety of the operator is ensured.
  • The multi-dimensional and fast mixing of the container is time-saving and cost-effective.
  • The material mixing flow is steady, making the Chemical Mixer Machine Factory suitable for mixing fine particles.
  • The barrel is made of stainless steel, so it’s easier to clean. The mixing is uniform with wide application.
  • The Chemicals Mixer Machine increases the production capacity and reduces the work intensity.
  • The chemical mixer reduces maintenance costs and batch times.
  • It reduces clogged media and contamination.

Principles of Chemicals Mixer Machine

There is a curved surface blade in the chemical mixture machines, and with its rotation, materials are divided into double directions. Feeding and discharge are designed on the mixer and are controlled by a conveyer or feeder. For processing and mixing chemicals, larger mixers are used and are delivered in sizes with a batch capacity of up to 20 tons. The effectiveness of the mixing process is determined by the flow rate of the liquid, which is of two types, laminar and turbulent flow. For the Chemicals Mixer Machine, the turbulent flow is more beneficial as it ensures the mixing of the chemicals in the vessel. The mixtures are equipped with heating and cooling capability, thus producing the rotating reaction vessel.

In Yinda machinery, we provide a high-quality chemical mixer with improved dispersion and reduced energy consumption.

A wide variety of chemical products are processed using Chemical Mixer Machine.

We provide high shear Chemicals Mixer Machine that offers excellent versatility to perform a wide range of mixing operations and reduces mixing times to up to 90%.

You can get bilk chemical mixers of varying sizes in Yinda machinery, from small scale chemical mixers to large scale industrial chemical mixers. With these chemical mixers, both laminar and turbulent mixing is possible. Magnetic stirrer plate and stirrer hotplate is used for the mixing application of the Chemicals Mixer Machine.

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