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As a professional coarse crusher manufacturer in China, our company manufactures and supplies various types of coarse crushers with stainless steel material SS304/316L with quality grades, and is designed according to various quality standards.

It is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metallurgical, and several other industries, it grinds the moderate solid particles into fine powder under the stress, shear force, and compressibility generated by moving parts.

Generally, different types of coarse crushers are available in the market, and each type of coarse crusher machine follows different specifications to meet your requirements.

Horizontal Type Coarse Crusher
  • Adopt SS 304/316L Material to Meet GMP.
coarse crusher Vertical Design
  • Fine Particle Size ranges from 0.5-5mm.
coarse crusher with Automatic dust collector design
  • Ensure A Dust-Free Production at user site.

Yinda: Your Trusted Coarse Crusher Supplier in China.

1)If your powder handling project needs an imported coarse crusher, then Yinda will be your best choice to produce coarse crusher order.

2)Yinda is one of the leading coarse crusher suppliers, with nearly 20 years of depth experience in manufacturing and design, all our coarse crushers can meet ISO/CE/GMP standards, we will offer competitive price according to your project.

3)Yinda will provide you the best coarse crusher solution according to your project requirements with our professional technical team, we are pleased to share our knowledge of powder and granule processing with our customers.

4)Drop us an email now with your detailed requirements!






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Yinda coarse crushers are known for their different benefits, including the following:

  • High throughput and ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Suitable for a wide range of dry and fibrous material pulverisation processes
  • continuous production with relatively reasonable energy requirements
  • small size and flexibility of use
  • simple operation and free maintenance
  • The final size could be regulated by a inner filter sieve.

Yinda coarse crusher has become a necessity of the rapidly growing crushing and pre-crushingindustry, it is a high-speed machine that reduces the size of the materials without affecting the properties of the materials.

It is commonly used in the pre-treatment supporting equipment before the micro-crushing process, It is not subject to the restrictions of material viscosity, hardness, softness, and fiber, and can play a better crushing effect on any material.


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Coarse Crusher Machine –The Complete FAQ Guide

Read this guide to help you further learn about the design, working principle, working parameters, application, benefits, and types of a coarse crusher machine.


What are the designs for Coarse Crusher Machine?

The designs for Coarse Crusher Machine are:

1# Stainless Steel Body:

It is made up of 304 or 316L stainless steel material. The stainless steel material is suitable for medicinal, chemical and food items.

2# Shaft:

A shaft rotator is located on top of the coarse crusher. The rotation of the shaft along with the toggle plate generates compressive movements. There are horizontal shaft impactors HIS and vertical shaft impactors VSI attached to the rotor.

3# Set Of Knives:

A coarse crusher has a set of both fixed and moveable knives that crush the dry, coarse, and solid particles into a fine powder.

4# Equipment Production Capacity:

Its equipment production capacity ranges between 20 kg/hr and 1000 kg/hr.

5# Discharge Valve:

Supported by centrifugal force, the ground material is removed easily from the discharge valve. Additionally, crusher buckets are also attached that can move forth and back to ensure smooth removal of the materials.

6# Filter Screen:

Can regulate the final size and also very easy to replace and clean.

coarse crusher


7# Input Particle Size:

This high-performance coarse crusher receives an input particle size of <50mm.

8# Output Particle Size:

The sharp cutting blades reduce the particle size to 0.5-20mm.

coarse crusher 1


What are Working Principle for Coarse Crusher Machine?

The coarse crusher machine works on the principle of compressibility.

A coarse crusher contains two crushing plates or blades that are inclined to each other either in the horizontal or vertical directions. The dry, coarse, or brittle particles are pressed between two plates in such a way that they reduce the particle size. Moreover, the rotation of the shaft allows the maximum movement of the particles in circular directions.

It generates upward and downward strokes in all directions. The particles are ground into a fine powder. At the discharge valve, elliptical motions are generated that allow smooth removal of the particles from the end.

coarse crusher 2



What are the Performance Parameters Coarse Crusher Machine?

The performance and capacity of the coarse crusher depend on the following parameters.

1# Quantitative Feeding:

Adding an appropriate amount of the feed in the coarse crusher is responsible for better performance. Always fill nearly 60% of the total volume of the coarse crusher to optimize the working speed.

2# Adequate Discharge Area:

An adequate discharge area improves the removal of ground particles for the end of the process. The smaller the discharge area, the slower the removal rate is. Hence, it will consume more power.

3# Crusher Speed:

A coarse crusher machine works at an optimal speed. Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer to maintain its optimal speed level. A speed less than its optimal rate will end up consuming more time and energy than usual. Likewise, speed more than its optimal level destroys the nature of the particles.

coarse crusher 3

What are applications for Coarse Crusher Machine?

The coarse crusher is widely used because of its efficiency, durability, and reliability for a variety of industrial applications. It is used in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Food processing industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Rock and mineral processing industries
  • Metallurgical industries

What the advantages/ Benefits for Machine?

A coarse crusher is widely used for several industrial purposes. Following are the benefits of using a coarse crusher to meet your industrial requirements:

  1. Coarse crusher gives you a better return on investment. It is affordable, super-fast, and reduces primary crushing costs.
  2. It is suitable for crushing dry and brittle materials in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.
  3. It is suitable for materials that have less viscosity, moderate hardness, and less fiber.
  4. It is portable and easy to mount to meet your industrial requirements.


What are the disadvantages/ drawbacks of Coarse Crushers Machine?

Although,  coarse crushers are widely used because of its reliability yet it has some drawbacks. Following are the disadvantages of using a coarse crushing machine:

  1. It generates noise and dust pollution. Hence, it may leave a negative effect on the health of employees,so you can adopt dust-free design for a optional.
  2. A coarse crusher machine is not favorable for complex operations.
  3. It generates a small crushing ratio if the added particles are of unequal size.

What are the types of Coarse Crushers Machine?

Yinda Machinery offers three different types of coarse crushers for your different request.

  1. Horizontal type coarse crusher
  2. Vertical design coarse crusher
  3. Coarse crusher with dust collector

Choose the right type of coarse crusher to meet your industrial requirements. You can also ask our expert team members about the specifications to choose an appropriate coarse crusher.

coarser crusher


How Can I Buy The Right Type Coarse Crusher?

If do not know how to buy the right type of coarse crushing machine, do not worry about it. Please follow our guidelines to choose the right type of coarse crusher for the industrial, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.

  • Check the working capacity, performance, and size of the coarse crusher
  • Check the nature of dry, brittle, or solid particles
  • Check the crushing time and speed of the machine for each cycle
  • Check the certification and price of the coarse crusher machine

Can I Get Custom Coarse Crusher For My Business?

Yinda Machinery is a certified manufacturer of coarse crushers in China, apart from it, you can also trust us if you need ribbon blenders, fine powder grinder , air classifier mills, and many more!

We have 20 years of excellence in providing the best services to our customers.

We meet ISO/CE/GMP standards to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Please call us to purchase an affordable and ultra-efficient coarse crusher to meet the requirements of your industry. Feel free to share your queries with us.

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