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As a professional double cone blenders manufacturer and factory in China, we manufacture and supply all types of double cone blenders are available in many different sizes to meet various capacity requirements. In addition, we can also customise our double cone blenders to meet specific machining requirements, including special designs that can be sterilised, heated, dried, etc.

We have an extensive stock of double cone blenders and replacement parts, can be shipped quickly to anywhere in the world and a wide range of delivery options are available.

Do get in touch with us and let us know how we can help when it comes to double cone blenders, being always here to help you choose an efficient machine.

double cone mixture machine
  • Optimal filling range from 0.8L-20L
double cone blender
  • Stainless steel material with high-quality polishing treatment.
double cone mixer
  • Butterfly valve for discharging, the pneumatic valve is also recommended.

Yinda: Your Reliable Double Cone Blenders Supplier In China

1)If you project on powder processing needs to import double cone blenders then Yinda will be your best choice to manufacture your double cone blender orders.

2)Yinda is one of the leading double cone blender suppliers and all of our double cone blender can meet ISO/CE/GMP standards, and we will provide a competitive price based on your project.

3)Yinda will give you the best double cone blenders solution based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team, and lean more about powder handling process that we enjoy sharing with customers.

4) Drop us an email and send your detailed requirement now!












Volume (L)




Load Coefficient


Motor power(kw)














Overall size(mm)



Weight (kg)



The double cone blenders are designed for the homogeneous combination of dry powdered and granular materials and is suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries for mixing powder or granular materials.

All parts of it that come into contact with the product are made of high quality stainless steel, the support and the rest of the machine are made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

Both internal and external surfaces have a smooth polished finish and thanks to its polished surface and the absence of edges or corners, the unit can be easily cleaned with manual or automatic CIP systems.

Yinda double cone blenders also features high mixing speeds, high homogeneity and easy cleaning. The effective volume for achieving optimum homogeneity is between 35 and 50% of the total volume.

Hot-selling Equipments For Your Powder Processing

  • 3d mixer

    Mixing uniformity is more than 99%.

  • v mixer

    Fit For dry powder and granules mixing.

  • ribbon blender

    Suitable for wet and dry powder or granules mixing.

  • pin mill

    Changeable filter screen regulates powder output size within the size range.

  • Air Classifier Mill

    Superfine Powder Processing range from 100mesh-400mesh.

  • tray dryer

    Widely applied for heating, drying, and dehumidifying raw material.

Why is Yinda trusted by over 283 particles and powder process manufacturers worldwide?

  • Yinda is always manufacturing and supplying double cone blender according to the pharmaceutical industries and different applications that need a combination of more than two mixing of the powders in dry form.
  • The whole package of double cone blender is presentable in the wooden casing by Yinda.
  • During the manufacturing of double cone blender, there is always an involvement of high-quality materials like stainless steel or carbon steel by Yinda
  • Yinda double cone blender provides high-level efficiency and flexibility in the solutions to improve the blending of granules and powder. They are easy to flow and discharge from the outlet.
  • There is homogeneity mixing inside the double cone blender that is 70% of the total volume
  • Along with the manufacturing, the testing services are also available at Yinda
  • Yinda is popular in China and other parts of the world regarding the availability of double cone blenders and different
  • The customer care representatives of Yinda are reachable to assist and resolve your queries
  • the machinery of YInda facilitate the detailed experiences and latest technologies in terms of the blenders like double cone blender
  • Your choice needs to Yinda because the professional team of engineers is specializing in the designing and development sector

Consultants available at the professional level:

  • 24/7 consultation is available for free and can assist you in emergencies
  • Experience of more than 12 years of abroad businesses in managing the systems of materials in powder form
  • Visiting overseas occasionally and skilful in arranging 40 and more exhibitions
  • You can contact Yinda any time regarding placing your order for a double cone blender
  • The main objective of Yinda is to establish a long-term relationship with the customers in terms of reliability and stability.
  • The whole team of Yinda is available to serve you for handling the mixing of powder, including the development process as well.
  • Helping all the agents at the regional level for the growth of market locally and increase the sales 10% on an annual basis

Latest components

  • There is always stability in the performance of the equipment.
  • The maintenance level is low every time
  • The lifespan of servicing is long, and the rate of return is high after investing in the equipment
  • Purchasing at Yinda is the straightforward and fast replacement of the products
  • Working with Yinda brings innovation and is among the best solutions to process the tasks for your powder
  • The main ideology of Yinda is using the latest technologies for processing and using high-quality equipment to deliver the perfect solution for you.

Sensitivity in the manufacturing sector

  • All the front-end workers for the productivity make powder making systems reliable with the failure at low-level and unique services
  • Even the sales team is highly-qualified and keep working with the skilful technicians, mechanics, and expert individuals of pneumatic along with the electrical ones

Wide range of the services

  • Availability of installation on the site, commission, and facility of the training
  • Technicians at YInda can even repair and deliver you the spare parts of your product
  • Don’t need any maintenance
  • All the services keep upgrading, and renovation is the key to success

Double Cone Blenders – The Complete FAQ Guide

In the powder processing industry, double cone blenders are considered to be one of the most hotselling equipment and machines.

Do you know what they are entirely?

In this guide today, we’ll be focusing in helping you understand what double cone blenders are. So, without further ado, let’s head right onto that topic!

What is a Double Cone Blender?

Spices Double Cone Blender

An image of what a double cone blender is

A double cone blender is a type of machine or equipment you use for mixing granules and dry powders comparably. And by that, we mean mixing different types and kinds of materials in order for them to be alike.

It’s tagged and known as double cone blenders because of the two (2) cones that are shaped to be opposite to each other – with one end of the cone being the inlet (feeding port), the other end being the outlet (discharging port).

Machine Description:

1-1 YDW series double cone mixer is an efficient dry powder mixer, suitable for mixing powder or granular materials in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, feed, ceramic, metallurgical, and other industries.

1-2 The machine has a simple structure, closed operation, sanitary and pollution-free, and its barrel is made of stainless steel, processed with polishing, which is easy to clean.

1-3 It uses a conventional manual butterfly valve for discharge ,and custom pneumatic control is also available.

1-4 All stainless steel polished, in line with GMP requirements, no dead angle.

1-5 Equipped with waterproof control box, digital timer, overload protection device.

1-6 Automatic shutdown device can be set within the range of 0-60 minutes.

1-7 Easy to operate, clean, and move, very suitable for GMP food and pharmaceutical factories.

 Double Cone Blender Drawing:

double cone blender

The double cone mixer is composed of frame, transmission, control system, fixed mixing bin and etc.

Transmission motor:

The equipment adopts a worm gear reducer with a high-speed ratio, high efficiency, and small volume.

Feeding inlet:

It has a beautiful appearance, good sealing effect, convenient operation, and can also be fed into the biconical container by vacuum feeder or manually, working in a sealed state, no internal transmission mechanism, clean, sanitary, no dead space, in line with GMP requirements.

Discharge valve:

Yinda double cone mixer is usually a manually operated butterfly valve, pneumatic valve is also for option.

Intensifier bar drawing:

Intensifier bar drawing for double cone blender

In order to improve mixing efficiency, it is necessary to install a set of intensified agitators inside the cylinder.
When the barrel is rotating and the dry powder is being rolled at the bottom of the barrel, the intensified agitators can separate the dry powder from the left and right sides, thus increasing the mixing efficiency and making the mixing more uniform.

Safety Device:

The rotation of the double cone mixer can pose a safety risk if the operator gets too close to it.
It is necessary to install a safety net around the mixer to prevent operators from entering the mixing area. When the mixer is rotating, the double cone mixer will stop working once close to the safety net, protecting the operator.

How Does Yinda Double Cone Mixers Work?

Ideally, double cone blenders work by continuously rotating or spinning the cones continuously.

They usually consist of a mixing chamber and a drive part that are linked together by two (2) cones. The drive part starts the process, and the materials that are being blended are mixed and blended together back and forth over and over again.

Unlike mills, it doesn’t produce fine types of processed materials. Instead, it utilizes the tumbling method to be able to get the materials needed.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide on the workings of double cone blenders work, here’s a quick and simple method:

  1. The double cone blender will be placed at the loading position or the position where the solids would travel through the inlet or the feeding port.
  2. After all the solid materials are placed inside the double cone blender, the blender is switched on. This is the time when the double cone blender will be tumbling back and forth multiple times.
  3. While it’s being tumbled, the liquids are injected and are pushed through the double cone blender.
  4. Due to this timing, the consistency of the materials inside the blender would be viscous. But, it wouldn’t entirely be viscous, it’ll still remain solid.
  5. When the right consistency and material is achieved, the blender will turn off, and the vacuum pump will be switched on and activated.
  6. This is where the sieving of solids will be done so that only the liquid material will remain.

And that’s just about it! That’s how a double cone blender usually works!

What is a V Blender?

A V blender or a V mixer is a type of blender that functions the same way as a double cone blender.

Spices V Mixer

An image of what a V blender or a V mixer looks like

The difference would be the shape and the size they’re in.

With V blenders, the materials or solids would be compressed with each other. They’ll bump into the other particles and materials more frequently.

Since they have more headroom than double cone blenders, the mixing procedure will be faster and more urgent, allowing efficacy and efficiency rates to soar up high!

What is an Octagonal Blender?

From the term alone, an octagonal blender is a type of powder handling machine or equipment that has eight (8) different sides.

Octagonal Blender

Image of what an octagonal blender looks like

The primary purpose of octagonal blenders, akin to other mixers and blenders, is to be able to create a new material through the continuous procedure of mixing and combining different materials.

Unlike double cone blenders, octagonal blenders have a rod with small, but concurring rods along a straight middle line to help with the catching of the materials during the tumble, which will improve the blending or the mixing.

Hod does An Octagonal Blender work?

Other explanations would give you a scientific or a technical approach on what octagonal blenders are.

For our guide, though we’ll give it to you as simple and as easy as possible.

The simple and easy explanation on the working principle of octagonal blenders depends on what it is for. It’s a type of machine that “mixes” or “blends” several solids together, with the aid of liquids.

Overall, the result would be a low-slurry, viscous type of product.

About two thirds (2/3) of the volume of the blender will be filled. The distribution of which materials will depend on what you’re working on.

As opposed to other types of blenders and mixers, the speed or the rotations per minute (RPM) is less. What this does is it keeps the quality of the solids intact; it doesn’t shear or tear through it, it plainly combines and mixes it altogether.

What Are the Uses of Yinda Double Cone Blender?

double cone blender 2

A double cone blender, which you can use for the mixing or the blending of solids

For a straightforward answer, you’ll want to use double cone blenders to produce solid-solid homogeneous mixtures, which is a process that is fairly common in a wide range of industries and sectors.

We’ll get to that a little bit later in this FAQ guide. For now, let’s try to understand where you usually use double cone blenders.

What Applications Do Double Cone Blenders Have?

There are tons of different sectors and industries that require the use of double cone blenders of faster, more urgent, and higher quality products.

Some of the industries that find it useful include:

  • Manufacturing and Production Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Animal Food/Feeds/Pet Food Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • And Many More!

And if you aren’t satisfied with that, here are among the top products you can produce if you decide to use double cone blenders:

  • Plastics and Fertilizers
  • Fine Minerals
  • Pet Food or Animal Feed
  • Food Products
    • Sugar
    • Salt
    • Spices
    • Herbs
  • And Others!

What Causes Mixing in Double Cone Blenders?

The mixing in double cone blender machines is due to the slow flow of particles across its vertical plane of axis.

double cone blender 3

Image of how double cone mixers or blenders function or work

Other companies and businesses decide to add on a deflector plate to enhance the mixing or the blending of the materials inside the cone.

Nevertheless, the continuous motion of tumbling, mixing, and rotating are the primary reasons for the mixing and the combining of the products inside double cone blenders.

What Are the Benefits of Double Cone Blenders?

Double cone blenders are truly an effective means for blending or mixing in whatever industry you are in.

Requires little work from workers after the preparation of the materials needed

Part of the most notable benefits and advantages of using double cone blenders include:

Capable of Handling Large Capacities

Because of its size, it’s going to be simple and easy for the double cone blender to cater to projects and processes that are large in capacities.

As a general rule of thumb, you can mix anywhere between two (2) to five (5) different types of solids in a double cone blender – and you can have weight capacities of up to 50 kgs each!

Easy to Clean

Other than the fact that it’s the best for large projects, double cone blenders are among the few types of blenders that you’ll find simple and easy to clean.

Because of the large space that it has, cleaning it will never be easier! You can simply load up cleaning agents with water, let it spin for a few minutes to hours, and you’ll be good to go!

If you’re not comfortable doing that, you can dismount the double cone blender, and clean it from the inside out!

Require Minimum Maintenance

Because of its simple and generic structure, you’ll be less required to maintain it. Therefore, it’ll be more comfortable for you!

No need to save up for its maintenance, it’s not a high-maintenance product anyway!

Minimum Attrition Guaranteed

It’s fully enclosed and will usually be engineered to be able to have the best (and we mean the lowest) levels of attrition compared to other types of mixers and blenders.

You’ll never worry about spoilage, spilling, and your solids and liquids going to waste!

Those are some of the most common advantages and benefits of using double cone blenders.

Are There Disadvantages of Using Double Cone Blenders?

While you may think that double cone blenders are just there for the betterment of your products, think again!

There are actually a couple of drawbacks and cons that you need to consider, too! They are:

Serial Dilution Might Be Required

One of the reasons why it’s important to keep track of what’s inside your double cone blender is because if the powders are free flowing inside of the tube, a serial dilution will be required to keep them all in the same pace.

And, this would mean large batches – or worse, unwanted or excess production.

Not the Best For Fine Particulate Systems

Since what it promotes is free flowing, it’s not the most ideal equipment if you want a fine particulate system – or products or materials that are extremely small in size like finely grained sand.

If you’re aiming for that and all you have is a double cone blender, you have to purchase add-ons that you can install inside the double cone blender to assist with the blending and mixing.

Requirement of a High Headspace

If you plan on installing a twin shell blender, you might be required to have a higher headspace for it.

Although these drawbacks won’t lead you to the end of the world, they’re something that you definitely have to consider.

Double Cone Blenders vs. V Blenders

We already know the differences between the two, but in this part, we’ll discuss them more in detail.

Here’s an easy and a simple table for your reference:

Double Cone BlendersV Mixers or V Blenders
Only have one (1) access coverHas two (2) access covers
Operates on a free flow principleOperates on an intermesh and division principle
Can blend and mix 2 to 5 solidsCan blend and mix 2 to 10 solids
Can be used in
– Pharmaceutical
– Food
– Cosmetic
– Nutraceutical
– Healthcare
– Plastics Industry
Can be used in
– Pharmaceutical
– Food
– Cosmetic
– Nutraceutical
– Healthcare
– Plastics Industry

Difference Between Octagonal Blender and Double Cone Blender

For one, an octagonal blender is a type of blender that contains eight (8) different sides, where a double cone blender appears to be in a shape of two (2) different cones that are fused and joined together.

Octagonal blenders operate on the slowest speed it can get, while double cone blenders operate on a regular or a moderate speed.

The main focus of octagonal blenders is to produce quality products and materials, not really blending them thoroughly. Double cone blenders, on the flipside, focus on functionality rather than the physicality of the products.

Which Double Cone Blender Manufacturer Can You Trust?  

Out of all the many different options you have, working with us here at Yinda Machinery can give a permanent solution to your problem.

Unlike other double cone blender manufacturers and suppliers, we here at Yinda Machinery offer a great deal of excellence and expertise when it comes to our double cone blenders.

For one, we’re skilled and adept to add complementary features and functionalities to our blenders, depending on your needs and requests.

Thanks to our R&D team, we’ll surely be able to meet – even exceed your expectations on the double cone blenders you’ll order.

Buyer Guide for double cone blender: How to select an efficient double cone blender?

When sourcing a new double cone blender for your factory, the following questions need to be asked in order to buy the right specifications :

8-1 What material you want to mix? do you know the product density of it?
(e.g.: 0.5g/cm3; 0.8g/cm3;1.2g/cm3)

8-2 What capacity you expect?(kg/batch or liter/batch)

8-3 What material of double cone blender you want?
Usually, we adopt SS304; You can choose: 1-all carbon steel;2-contact part SS304, other parts carbon steel

What Other Products Do We Offer?

Other than double cone blenders, you can trust us here at Yinda Machinery if you need other powder handling machines such as:

Never experience a shortage on your orders, work with us and get high-quality double cone blenders just as  you need them!

Dial us today or shoot us an email, we’ll be more than happy to help you with whatever you need! We can send you a free quotation or a free estimate – all you have to do is reach out to us!

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