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Hammer Mill Pulverizer

Cost-effective Stainless Steel Hammer Mill Pulverizer Factory

As a professional hammer mill pulverizer manufacturer and factory in China, we manufacture and supply all types of hammer mill pulverizers with qualitative grades of stainless steel materials and is designed in accordance with various industrial standards.

Hammer mill pulverizer is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff industries for pulverizing dry brittle materials,such as spice, herbs, chemicals, tea  leaves and etc.

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5-50kg hammer mill pulverizer
  • Easy for operation and clean.
  • Small Investment For New Business.
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Material.
100-300kg hammer mill pulverizer sets
  • Dust-free Design.
  • Fit for Oily Material Powder Process,
  • Quick installation structure.
Advanced Hammer Mill Pulverizer Sets
  • High quality final product.
  • Maintaining the flavour of the finished product.

Yinda: Your Reliable Hammer Mill Pulverizer Supplier In China

1)if your project on powder processing needs to import a hammer mill pulverizer then Yinda will be your best choice to manufacture your hammer mill pulverizer orders.

2)Yinda is one of the leading hammer mill pulverizer suppliers and all of our hammer mill pulverizers can meet ISO/CE/GMP standards, and we will provide a competitive price based on your project.

3)Yinda will give you the best hammer mill pulverizer solution based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team, and know more about powder and particle processing that we enjoy sharing with customers.

4) Drop us an email and send your detailed requirement now!

These hammer mill pulverizers are also known for their different benefits, including the following:

  • Continuous production with relatively reasonable motor energy requirements.
  • Small occupation of space, flexible and mobile in use.
  • Excellent smell and natural colour of the powdered finished spices.
  • Low noise, low consumption, high grinding efficiency.

Hammer Mill  Pulverizer is a kind of high-speed precision impact mill for manufacturing solid and hard particles, which provide efficient grinding result for pharmaceutical, food, chemical milling applications. The the finished particle size is controlled by a replaceable filter screen.

Yinda hammer mill pulverizer offer flexibility, uniform reduction size, and economical production, and it convinces through high production flexibility and the minimum of downtime.


Hot-selling Equipments For Your Powder Processing

  • 3d mixer

    Good mixing effort and short mixing time.

  • double cone blender

    Suitable for dry powder or granules mixing.

  • pin mill

    Different types of crushing structures are available for different properties of materials.

  • tray dryer

    Widely applied for heating, drying, and dehumidifying raw material.

  • Air Classifier Mill

    Get a superfine Powder range from 120 mesh to 400 mesh.

Industrial Hammer Mill For Your Powder Processing Task:

1-Benefits of industrial hammer mill:

1-1. Because it has no screen in mill chamber, when milling there is no heat rising in mill chamber, so it can keep the material natural smell and flavor.

1-2. No need to worry power get stuck in the screen or product quality get affected by the heat from the mill. That’s why it is very suitable for grinding heat-sensitive material or material contains fiber or oil,such as chilli, pepper and herb.

1-3. The mill part combines coarse crusher, middle fine mill and fine mill together, which means it can makes fine power directly from big size into a fine size.

1-4. It can save more power, its capacity is much bigger than the other same motor traitional mill machine.

  2. Detail images for Industrial Hammer Mill:

2-1. Mill structure of industrial hammer mill:

●The main grinding chamber is made of high-speed impact resistant tool steel and is fully heat treated. The service life is 2-3 times longer than the same type of products.

●The mill part combines coarse crusher, middle fine milling area, and fine milling area( it combines 3-stage grinding at one time) together, which means it can make fine powder directly from big raw material, very effective.

2-2. Cyclone discharge valve:

●Cyclone can separate dust from powder(granules).
●The rotary valve makes powder discharge speed even.
●The rotary valve is also made of stainless steel and based on the GMP standard

●Quick-detachable Construction to Make quick and convenient for clean and installation.

Industrial Hammer Mill

2-3. Pluse dust collector:

●Dust is collected inside the dust collecting box.

●Inside the box, there are many dust collecting bags, the number of dust boxes is precisely calculated according to the filter area. and the bag frames are also made of stainless steel and can be disassembled easily.
●With pulse-jet cleaning, dust can be filtered and collected very conveniently.

Industrial Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill Pulverizer – The All-Inclusive FAQ Guide

There are many different types of powder handling equipment that are effective – hammer mill pulverizers, pin mill grinder, air classfier mill among others. How well do you know what these equipment are?

In this guide, we’ll be uncovering some of the most relevant and the most important things to note about hammer mill pulverizers.

But, before we dive straight into that topic, let us unravel some of the most asked and the most basic questions and information about hammer mill pulverizers.

What is a Hammer Mill Pulverizer?

A hammer mill pulverizer is a type of powder handling machine that you use for size reduction processes and procedures.

The purpose of hammer mill pulverizers is to crush, mill, and pulverize things into a fine and grainy form.


What is a Pin Mill?

A pin mill is a type of powder handling machine that moves fast in a repeated manner, and its main purpose is to break substances down for them to be smaller and more workable in size and dimensions.

In a more technical sense, pin mills are machines you can use to break up cellular materials without damaging them.

What Are the Parts of a Hammer Mill Pulverizer?

hammer mill pulverizer

Hammer mill pulverizer with the different parts and components

For you to have a further understanding of how hammer mill pulverizers work, here are their parts and the components:

Feed Chute

This is the part where you put and place the materials you want to pulverize. Its main function is to transport the materials to the hammers for the hammering and the pulverizing process.

Reversible Hammers

This is the core of hammer mill pulverizers. In more cases than not, these reversible hammers are made out of high quality alloys with steel castings.

They’re the parts and the components responsible for the crushing, milling, grinding, and overall – pulverizing of the materials.

Shaft Assembly and/or Rotors

It’s the part or the component of the hammer mill pulverizer that arranges the reversible hammers. Without it, there’s a big chance that the hammers would fall off or would be misaligned.

After the products have been hammered and powdered, it’ll then travel through to…

Fan and/or Cyclone

The fan or the cyclone, in some texts, is the part of the machine or the equipment that blows up the finished product to the output chute, or to the release part.

Horizontally-aligned hammer mill pulverizers, or those where the delivery or the output chutes are at the bottom, don’t need fans and cyclones.

That brings us to our next part or component, which is…

Output Chute

The endpoint of the machine, which is the finishing part is the output chute.

From the term alone, it’s what serves as the endpoint or the outer connection of the machine. Without it, the finished products wouldn’t leave the interior of the machine.

NOTE: These aren’t all the parts and components of the

That brings us to our next question, which is…

How Does a Hammer Mill Work?

Hammer mills don’t fall far from how powder handling machines and equipment function. Now that you know the parts and components, it’s imperative for you to know how this particular machine or equipment works.

To help you with it further, here’s a hammer mill diagram to show you how the process works.

hammer mill 2

A hammer mill diagram to help you understand how the process works

As you can see in the diagram, the feed chute or the feed material is the part or the component where the products come in.

Then, it slides to the middle part – to the hammers and the rotors – all of which crush the products, breaking them down into smaller, powder-like forms.

After the rotors or the hammers, there’s a thin layer of filter, which filters out all the materials that are able to go through to the outer or the output chute.

With this hammer mill pulverizer diagram, you’ll easily be able to understand how the process works!

What is a Hammer Mill Used For?

The primary purpose of hammer mill pulverizers is to crush, shred, and pulverize materials into smaller pieces.

hammer mill

An image of how a hammer mill pulverizer functions or operates

Therefore, you can expect them to be just used for this very purpose.

You’ll usually use hammer mills to reduce the size of a particular material. Oftentimes, for transforming small products into their micro-forms.

You can find it useful in a wide variety of sectors and industries, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Food and Grain Sector and/or Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
  • Herbs and Medicinal Industry
  • And Many More!

What are the strengths and weaknesses of hammer mill pulverizers?

Industrial hammer mills have a ton of benefits and advantages if you choose to use them for your business.

Advanced Hammer Mill Pulverizer Sets

A hammer mill pulverizer – a big machine that can take up a lot of space

But, they’re not all rainbows and butterflies. As a matter of fact, using one has its disadvantages and drawbacks, too.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using an industrial hammer mill pulverizers.

Pros of Using Hammer Mills

Here are some of the most significant and important benefits and advantages of using a hammer mill pulverizers:

  1. You’ll be bale to produce specific sizes without a closed-circuit crusher
  2. You can produce different types of sizes according to your business needs
  3. Compared to other types of powder handling machines and equipment, it’s more effective in terms of ratio reduction
  4. Using hammer mills have been known to have decent energy and power requirements.

Cons of Using Hammer Mills

On the subject of the disadvantages and disadvantages of using industrial hammer pulverizer, here are some:

  1. Industrial hammer mill pulverizers aren’t suitable for materials that are plastic-like, those that melt easily, hence, producing sticky consistencies.
  2. The hammer mill pulverizer could choke if the feed rate is continuous and is not controlled. When it chokes, it can lead to irreversible damage.
  3. There could be foreign materials and items penetrating the hammer mill pulverizer.
  4. Clogging is not a rare scenario with hammer mill pulverizers.

These are some of the pros and cons of industrial hammer mill pulverizers. So, before you think about you needing one, think and consider the advantages and the disadvantages of using them.

What Are the Different Stypes of Hammer Mill Pulverizer?

Apart from the pros and cons of using industrial hammer mills, you also need to consider the type or the classification of hammer mill you’ll purchase.

powder handling equipments

An image of how a gravity discharge industrial hammer mill looks like

Here are the different types of hammer mills you can buy in the market:

Gravity Unloading Industrial Hammer Mill Pulverizer

These are the hammer mill pulverizers where the hammers swing through mounted shafts. In addition to that, the size reduction or the milling happens through hammering movements.

Horizontal Feed Hammer Mills Pulverizer

These are the hammer mills that are engineered and designed where the feed is at the side, not at the top.

Full Circle Sieve Hammer Mills Pulverizer

These are the hammer mil pulverizers that feature a rotating screen of about 300 degrees, which improves and develops the particle evacuation.

These are the most common types and kinds of hammer mill pulverizers.

Why is a Hammer Mill Preferred For Oily Materials?

Hammer mills have wide chambers that can prevent internal coating, which can result to clogging.

hammer mill 3

An image of a hammer mill pulverizer, which is about to process oily materials

Compared to other milling technologies, hammer mills can decrease clogging instances up to 50% because of the single rotating pin disc that it has.

In the long run, clogging can be a problem, especially if you’re going to be involved in continuous runs of your hammer mills.

Hammer Mill Machine Price

Hammer mill pulverizers aren’t cheap. As a matter of fact, you can consider them as one of the costlier and more expensive machines and equipment.

Usually, though, the price you’ll get hammer mills for would be around the $15,000-mark. However, there are more basic and more advanced machines, which could cost less or more depending on the features and functionalities that they have.

What Should You Look For in a Hammer Mill Pulverizer?

In choosing a hammer mill pulverizer, it’s important that you look for qualities that would be the best for your business.

Control System

The control system is system that’s responsible for the programming or the controlling of the hammer mill pulverizer.

You want to make sure that the control system is either something you know or something that’s easy to learn and to pickup.

Size of the Machine

The machine size and dimension is the totality of the machine’s overall size in relation to the room where is in.

It’s important to note the size of the machine for you to have an idea where you’ll place it in your manufacturing plant.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is the amount or the volume of the mill pulverizer to produce. Oftentimes, the measurement would be in the form of (weight per hour).

Grinding Hammer Size

This particular specification dictates the size of the grinding hammer. It can be a hint as to the time and the rate of grinding, like how fast can it grind, etc.

Maximum Rotational Speed

The rotation speed is the specification that talks about and discusses the rate of how the hammers will rotate.

Akin to the size of the hammers, you can also use the rotational speed to know how fast and urgent your projects will be finished.

These are among the most important specifications you want to look at in purchasing hammer mill pulverizers. There are others, but these are what you’ll need to oversee the projects you’ll accomplish.


Hammer Mill Pulverizers vs. Air Classifier Mills

Hammer mill pulverizers are machines you want to use for size reduction processes and procedures.

Compact Type Air Classifier Mill (2)

An image of compact air classifier mill

It’s comprised of a high-speed rotor assembly that’s accurately fitted with the hammers that perform the pulverizing or the crushing.

Air classifier mills, on the other hand, is a type of machine that’s vertical in nature that combines air classifying and an independent drive.

Both hammer mill pulverizers and air classifier mills have the same working principle.

The difference that they have is that air classifier mills incorporate air classification to keep the materials or the solids in their temperature. Meaning, they’re better and more ideal for solids and materials that are sensitive in terms of temperature.

Whereas hammer mill pulverizers, due to the friction and the impact that they have, can heat up materials in the process.


Can You Use a Hammer Mill Pulverizer in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Yes, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the many business sectors that would benefit from hammer mill pulverizers.

With this equipment, it’s going to be simple and easy to pulverize and crush minerals and tablets to the forms.

Where Can You Purchase High Quality Hammer Mill Pulverizers?

There are a ton of hammer mill pulverizer suppliers and manfuacturers in the market.

However, if you’re looking for the best company to get these machines from, choose us here at Yinda Machinery.

For many years, the hammer mill pulverizers that we offer here at Yinda Machinery have been the most sought-after and the most favored by businesses worldwide.

Unlike other companies, we’re able to provide a specific and an exact version of the hammer mill pulverizer you need!

Why Should You Trust Yinda Machinery’s Hammer Mill Pulverizers?

There are millions of reasons why you should choose and work with us here at Yinda Machinery:

  • You can use all our hammer mill pulverizers for whatever business industry you’re in
  • All of the machines and equipment we use are CNC-powered and cutting-edge
  • We are housed with the best and the most trusted engineers and experts in our field

Wherever you are in the world, you can consider us here at Yinda Machinery to be your go-to solution for your powder handling equipment needs!

Apart from hammer mill pulverizers, you can also trust us if you need ribbon blenders, V powder mixers, air classifier mills, and many more!

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