Instant soya powder production line

Instant soya powder production line


Instant soya powder plays an important role in the food industry due to its high nutritional value and variety of uses. Instant soya powder is used in beverages, bakery and protein supplements and must meet high standards of quality and consistency. The two key stages in production are grinding and mixing, and Yinda Machinery specializes in these two components to provide the right solution for a wide range of food industries. Today let’s take a brief look at the importance of grinding and mixing equipment this production line and how they can improve efficiency and product quality.


  1. 100-300 mesh soya powder grinding machine ACM MILL

The YINDA YDWF series soya powder grinding machine ACM MILL is the foundation of the ultra fine Powder


Although there are many grinding machine types, if you want achieve the good water dissolve soya powder, we would recommend the ACM MILL more. The YINDA YDWF series soya powder grinding machine ACM MILL is the cornerstone of the instant soya powder production line, responsible for transforming whole soybeans into fine particles (100-300 mesh) to achieve the uniform consistency and texture in the powder.

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YINDA YDWF series soya powder grinding machine ACM MILL

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100 mesh soya powder from YINDA YDWF series ACM MILL


The raw soya material is fed into the grinding chamber through a hopper or feeding system, Inside the grinding chamber, the air classifier impeller together with the high-speed rotating blade impacting and encounting the material to crush it into smaller particles, The high-speed rotation creates a centrifugal force that throws the particles against the chamber walls, under the high-pressure blower, the fine powder pass the guide ring to the cyclone separator discharging port, the dust or nano powder will be absorbed by the pulse dust free collector.


The YDWF series ACM MILL demo introduction video for your reference:


The highlight features of the YDWF series soya powder grinding machine ACM MILL:


  • Adjustable Particle Size to enable the powder from big size to ultra fine powder, which depending on specific requirements.
  • Changeable grinding capacity based on different production scales, and is particularly effective for fine grinding of soya beans into powder without the inner screen.
  • Cyclone duet free system helps to separate the big particle and ultra fine powder through the air classifier, the guide ring, and high-pressure blower, to achieve high powder yield with minimal dust emission. So it is suitable for applications where cleanliness and hygiene are critical.
  • Durable structure and high quality stainless steel to withstand the rigors of continuous operation. The components are designed for long life and reliability based on Yinda rich experiences and actual customer feedback.


  1. YINDA Soya powder mixing machine

The mixing step is the next essential step to homogeneous different powders with the soya powder after the grinding. It is important and crucial for flavor balance and nutritional stable of the instant soya powder.


Considering the ultral fine grinding on the ACM MILL to achieve more than 100 mesh powder, the bulk density is light and the powder has high powder flowability, we would recommend two options for your reference.


  • Yinda YDV series soya powder mixing machine V blender


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Yinda YDV series soya powder mixing machine V blender


  • Yinda YDLH series soya powder mixing machine ribbon blender

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YINDA YDLH series soya powder mixing machine ribbon blender


  • The comparison between the YINDA YDV series V Blender and YIND YDLH series Ribbon Blender for the instant soya powder mixing project.


  1. Mixing Efficiencyand Materials Requirement

V Blender: Gentle rotating action to offer highly uniform mixing, fits the soya powder or which is similar to it with the free-flowing property to achieve effective result with some similar densities materials.

Ribbon Blender: Ribbon Blender: It provides the efficient mixing through the helical ribbon moves the materials in opposite directions through the inside and outside which is more suitable for a wide range of densities and particle sizes, And it can fits 10-20% liquid mixing requirements.


  1. Different capacity and bulk batch size

V Blender: usually small capacity, suitable for small and medium-sized production.

Ribbon Blender: generally larger capacity, suitable for mass production. Compared to the V-mixer, it can handle large production quantities more efficiently.


  1. Mixing Timerequirement

V Blender: The tumbling mixing movements needs more time to mix evenly. So it fits gentle mixing requirements.

Ribbon Blender: Multi-material mixing movements need more aggressive action to achieve uniform mixing quickly, which will be better for large and high-capacity production requirements.


  1. 4. Investment

V Blender: small batch mixing requirements has small investment.

Ribbon Blender: Large capacity mixing project will need medium high investment.

But different investments are also based on your specific demands, and what the result you want to achieve.

So please contact Yinda professional sales consult to achieve the reasonable and reliable proposals. 

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The choice between a V blender and a ribbon blender for soya powder mixing depends on specific production requirements:

V Blender: Best for smaller batch sizes, gentle mixing needs, and applications requiring high levels of hygiene and minimal heat generation.

Ribbon Blender: Ideal for larger batch sizes, faster mixing times, and more versatile mixing applications, including handling materials with varying properties and higher throughput requirements.


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