powder handling systems

About Yinda

Yinda machinery started off as a small business in 2010. With a small workshop and a few workers, we took pride in our heritage and contribution to the powder handling industry. With time, we gradually grew in numbers and skill. With every passing day, we started exploring new avenues of the powder handling business. Our detailed timeline below exactly shows how and when we reached where we are today. The journey was an illustrious one. Now, we at Yinda machinery are one of the most experienced companies, with more than 10 years of experience, in the business of power handling machines. Our experience and expertise in the field of powder handling has enabled us to offer powder handling machines, related spare parts, designing of new machines and consultancy in this field. This transformational journey of Yinda machinery makes us the one stop shop for powder handling machinery in the industry. We have all the significant certifications of quality assurance and quality management. These certifications show our deep commitment to providing only quality material and products to our clients.

powder handling systems

Yinda Machinery Team

Our team is working under the dynamic leadership of Dennie, who is a splendid entrepreneur and leader. Dennie has vast experience in team building and developing business on the international front. As a company, Yinda machinery has grown manifolds under Dennie’s leadership. She has not only developed a team of experts but also has applied the latest techniques to make the Yinda machines business competitive on the international stage. Due to her contribution, Yinda machinery has a formidable number of satisfied clients. Currently, our teams consist of Sales team, Design team, Technical team and Operational team. Each of the teams play a very critical role in preparing and delivering parts on time to our clients. Moreover, the team that deals with after sales also ensures that there are no issues in the powder handling machines.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with satisfaction of quality, reliability and durability of parts. We are committed to providing quality powder handling machines to our clients to help them grow in their businesses. In order to do so, our team of experts work closely with our clients from the point of start of project to the end in order to ensure that our clients are absolutely satisfied with their orders. We believe that our strength is our clients. Unless our clients are not satisfied with the work, we are not satisfied with the work. So, our mottos are .providing high quality products in time and to the satisfaction of our clients.

With more than 20 years of experience in the powder handling industry, Yinda machinery decided to take the business to the international front. Despite the competition from international players, under the dynamic leadership of Dennie, the company successfully entered the international market. 

Yinda machinery acquired the ISO 9000 certification for the implementation of quality management systems. The certification took the company to the next level. The ISO 9000 certification labelled the company as one that is committed to providing quality machines to its clients.

Yinda machinery acquired the CE certification that opened up doors for the company in European Markets. Acquiring this certification gave the company confidence to further increase its standard and penetrate more untapped markets. 

Continuing on its splendid progress, Yinda machinery acquired SGS ISO 9001:2000 certification. This turned out to be an important achievement that helped the company to expand its business further on the international front. 

Yinda machinery acquired all the FDA and GMP requirements required for starting an international business. Everything was set and ready to launch into the market. However, one important aspect regarding the team of professionals was still outstanding.  

Dennie started developing a competitive and highly skilled team of professionals that were to take the powder machinery business to the next stage. All individuals of the team were selected after thorough selection procedure, selecting only the very best for the job.

The team of professionals grew, with the addition of more international partners the company started doing really well on the international front. From a small team, we grew to a medium sized team in a very short span of time. 

Started market research into opening up new markets and fulfilling the requirements of the specific international markets. Yinda’s research team really played an important part in identifying key market regions and areas for investment and growth. 

Yinda was committed to excellence and therefore, partnered with Siemens, Schneider, and Air Tag to import machinery and parts. Having quality machines at its disposal proved to be a game-changer for the company and transformed it into a high-performing one. 

Yinda machinery added consultancy to its portfolio. Now, Yinda machinery is not only providing machines and spare parts in the market. But, it is also providing consultancy on topics of powder handling machinery and everything related to it. 

Building on the experience, we started designing powder handling machinery. With our experienced and highly skilled team of designers, we were able to finalize some of the most successful powder-handling machinery designs in the market. This enabled us to not only manufacture high-quality parts, but also design them.

Dennie completed the new factory for delivery of powder handling parts to different corners of the globe. With the addition of the new factory, Yinda machinery’s capabilities quadrupled. The facility was now able to produce machinery and machinery parts at a much faster pace than before. This flagship project of Yinda machinery has proven to be a game changer for the company.

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