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As a professional powder grinding machine manufacturer and factory in China, we manufacture and supply all types of powder grinding machine with qualitative grades of raw materials and is designed in accordance with various quality standards.

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grinding machine food

Primary crushing before fine powder grinding.

mill grinder machine

Small scale production from 5-50kg/hr.

grinder mill machine

Vertical design for high portability.

powder grinder

Dust filter optional design for a rigid environment.

powdering machine

Cyclone dust absorption design for higher output.

ultra fine grinder

Ultrafine powder process to reach 150-320mesh.

Yinda: Your Reliable powder Grinding Machine Supplier In China

1)if your project on powder processing needs to import a powder grinding machine, then Yinda will be your best choice to manufacture your powder grinding machine orders.

2)Yinda is one of the leading powder grinding machine suppliers and all of our powder grinding machines can meet ISO/CE/GMP standards, and we will provide a competitive price based on your project.

3)Yinda will give you the best powder grinding machine solution based on your project’s requirements with our professional technical team, and know more about powder and particle processing that we enjoy sharing with customers.

4) Drop us an email and send your detailed requirement now!

Yinda Stainless steel powder grinding machine is a widely popular form of food processing, chemicals processing, medicine processing, and the ones that are featured here are incredibly proficient.

This outstanding collection of powder grinding machines are superior in quality and performance and can fit into your custom requirements with ease.

They are available in distinct models, sizes, and varieties depending on their purposes such as spices powder processing, grain milling processing, heavy-duty machines, electrically operated full automatic ones, and many ones, and the capacity of these powder grinding machines may vary depending on the models but can do anywhere between 5-1000kg/hr

A wide variety of powder grinding machines are available for your detailed request, you can pick from here, these machines are available on OEM orders and you can also go for a fully customized version depending on your requirements.


Hot-selling Equipments For Your Powder Processing

  • 3d mixer
    • Shorter mixing time and better mixing effort.
  • double cone blender
    • Suitable for dry powder or granules mixing.
  • pin mill
    • Different types of crushing structures are available for different properties of materials.
  • tray dryer
    • Widely applied for heating, drying, and dehumidifying raw material.
  • Air Classifier Mill

    Get superfine powder range from 100-400 mesh.

Yinda Powder Grinding Machine For Your Powder processing Task:

Countless powder grinding machines are circulating the industry, and you might not just be using the ideal equipment for the process you are doing.

In today’s guide, we’ll be discussing the basics of powder grinding machines. You will extensively learn what they are, how they can help you, what they’re the best for, and ultimately, how you can get your hands on the best ones in the market.

Before we get to that, do you really know what powder grinding machines are for?

What Are Powder Grinding Machines For?

From what they’re called alone, you would already have a distinct idea on what these machines and equipment are for.

Powder Grinding Machines

Figure 1 – An image of a simple or a tabletop powder grinding machine

But, for the benefit of everyone, especially those who are new to this industry, powder grinding machines are the machines that businesses, corporations, and manufacturing companies use in order to create powder.

The fineness of the powder will depend on the type of material needed. Nevertheless, powder grinding machines are equipment that you use to produce powder from bigger chunks of raw materials.

Applications of Powder Grinding Machines

To help you understand it a little bit further, it will be easier for you to know and to distinguish what the common applications of powder grinding machines are.

While there are thousands of businesses that utilize powder grinding machines, the most common industries would include:

Food Industry

Businesses in the food industry utilize powder grinding machines to make spices, herbs, condiments, and other powdered-form of cooking additives. The most common of which are salt, sugar, finely crushed pepper, rice, grains, cereals, soy, etc.

Pharmaceutical and/or Medical Industry

Medicines like pills and tablets are usually comprised of ground powder. Those capsules that you take? Inside them are a few milligrams of powder that relate to the type of vitamin or nutrient that it’s telling you.

The medical and the pharmaceutical industry heeds the usage of powder grinding machines to produce and manufacture medications, pills, tablets, vitamins and minerals, etc.

Agricultural or Plant Industry

There are a few types of leaves ground in order to make tea, fertilizers, and other components and additives in the plant and the agricultural industry.

So, businesses in this sector use powder grinding machines in order to achieve the mesh size required for the application.

They’re usually used for leaves, dried leaves, herbs, crops, plants, and even soil, in some instances. There’s literally hundreds of applications you can do with it in the agricultural or the plant industry.

Chemical and Manufacturing Industry

Several companies and businesses in the manufacturing and chemical industry look for powder grinding machines in order to create PE, PP, PET, EVA, PS, PC, and many other components.

Since these have chemicals in them, we can rightfully consider them to be a part of the chemical and the manufacturing industry.

The powders that are produced in the process are added to solutions, creating a mixture that would then form, shape, and overall – make the material that’s needed.

These are some of the most common areas of application of powder grinding machines. Don’t be confused – they’re not everything. As we mentioned, thousands of businesses use it, these are just the most common sectors that do.


Working Principle of Powder Grinding Machines

powder grinding machines (2)

Figure 2 – Many powder grinding machines

The working principle of powder grinding machines is simple: the materials are fed into the hopper or the feed inlet and are broken down and reduced in size inside the machine’s crushing chambers or the component that pushes and proceeds with the breaking mechanism.

Most powder grinding machines have filters for identifying whether or not a specific size is already good. If they are, they flow out of the machine through the discharge port or the feed outlet.

The blades inside the machine (crushing chamber) are the ones responsible for the size reduction of the products. Along with that, the motor that makes these blades work also conspire and contribute to the success.

The constant movement and rupturing of the blades inside a powder grinding machine is what makes the entire process possible.

What Are the Parts of Powder Grinding Machines?

powder grinding machine labeled with parts

Figure 4 – One type of powder grinding machine labeled with parts

It’s not common knowledge that there are multiple types and kinds of powder grinding machines in the market.

Furthermore, these machines have differences in terms of parts and components. Therefore, it’ll be difficult to determine what their parts are individually.

But, there are a few components inside powder grinding machines that are always there, regardless of what type they are. These components include:

Feed Inlet

The feed inlet is basically the component where the materials to be ground and reduced enter the machine.

Some machines have dedicated hoppers where you simply have to put the entire batch and the hopper will be the one to pour the controlled amount in.

Grinding Blades and Chamber

The grinding blades and grinding chambers are the parts that make up the entire grinding process. They’re the areas in the machine that cut, slice, and grind up the materials to produce finer and smaller particles.


The motor, basically, is the component that makes the grinding blades work. Without the motor, the workers or the operators would manually need to turn the grinding blades for them to work.

Cooling System

Friction is one of the enemies of the grinding process. And it was due to this why a lot of earlier versions of powder grinding machines failed. Most of the machines sparked up and were consumed by flames.

However, with a cooling system in place, these instances were avoided indefinitely.

Discharge Port or Feed Outlet

Lastly, the discharge port is the outlet or the area of the machine that discharges the finished or the ground products.

It’s also one of the most important components, because, if there’s no discharge port, then the materials wouldn’t be taken out of the machine.

Ultra Fine Powder Grinder Machine

An ultra fine powder grinder machine is a more advanced and more specialized type of powder grinder, it’s not just the regular ones that you’ll see in the market.

Split Type Air Classifier Machine

Figure 5 – An example of an ultra fine powder grinding machine

As a matter of fact, these ultra fine powder grinder machines function almost two (2) times faster, stronger, better, and more effectively than the traditional powder grinding machine.

Since it requires more energy, power, and a heap of sharper and more effective blades, it’ll be costlier and much more lucrative and expensive than your usual powder grinding machines.

And if you’re on the hunt for the best powder grinding machines in the market, you can never go wrong in choosing a Chinese manufacturer of ultra fine powder grinders.

Where Can You Purchase the Best Quality Powder Grinding Machines?

China is home to some of the world’s most skilled and most-experienced suppliers of powder grinding machines. You’ll be able to find anything from the traditional powder grinders, ultra fine mesh grinders, to advanced CNC grinding machines.

In addition to that, most Chinese manufacturers and suppliers even offer extreme detail and customization of powder grinding machines. You can choose from the type of material you want to use for it, the colors, the features and functionalities, and even other specs that you want and don’t want to see in the machine.

But, the question still remains – which Chinese powder grinder supplier can you and should you work with? Which of the hundreds, if not thousands of manufacturers can you fully trust?

Out of the thousands of powder grinding machine wholesalers in China, Yinda Machinery remains as the best and the most-trusted.

Why is Yinda Machinery the Best Powder Grinding Machine Manufacturing Company?

We are skilled in providing and in manufacturing some of the industry’s highest quality powder grinding machines. From regular granule food grinders to heavy-duty 100kg powder grinding machines, we can help you!

Apart from that, Yinda Machinery is also a powder grinding machine supplier you can trust and bank on if you’re looking for custom powder grinders – big or small!

Thanks to our highly developed and experienced Research & Development (R&D) team, we will be able to produce specific machines that you need!

You can purchase all types of powder grinders from us such as pin mills, hammer mill pulverizers, coarse crushers, and many more! Other than that, you can also count on us if you need other powder handling equipment like ribbon blenders, air classifier mills (ACM machines), V shaped mixers and blenders, and many more!

Get World-Class Quality Powder Grinding Machines

Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you get the powder grinding machines that you’ve always wanted for your business!

Reach out to us by shooting us an email or by dialing our hotline. Our team of polite and friendly team will tailor-fit the machines you’re looking for specifically to your needs! We’ll even give you a free quote of whatever your orders are!


Powder grinding machine also categorized as a multi-functional grinding machine, powder grinding machine, powder making machine, which is a mechanical device for processing dry, brittle, and hard material at the desired fineness level.

It is widely used and popular in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuff industries. can grind sugar, salt, Chinese herbs, chili, spices, corn, grain, beans, ginger, turmeric into a specific size ranging from granular material to super-fine particles.

Depending on the wide application and different characteristics of materials, powder grinding machine is equipped with different blade profiles and can be operated as any of the following grinding types: pin mill, hammer mill, Fitz mill, and air classifier mill.

Impact pin mill type for brittle materials to achieves exceptionally high grinding fineness at low specific energy consumption.

Hammer mill type for spices that are dry, crispy, and contain less than 10%- 15% of oil,  and ensure the scent of spice is perfectly preserved, as well as to ensure each spice is evenly ground.

Fitz mill type for high fiber raw materials(e.g. Chinese Herbs, leaf, tea)

-Air classifier mill type for fine and ultra-fine grinding of soft to medium-hard, brittle, crystalline, and fatty materials with a controlled particle size distribution.


So Hope Dennie can together with you, to develop the best powder grinding machine for your processing task.


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