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Yinda Machinery engaged in a wide range of powder handling equipments business, we specialized high-performance machines and solutions for global users in overall powder processing such like mill,pulverizer, grinder, mixer, vibration sifter, and one-stop production line.

Our machines are widely used in industries of foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, chemical, feed, minerals, and relative industry.

All yinda machine designs are in compliance with all of the associated industry requirements of the FDA and GMP specifications.

Food Crusher

Fit for making particles or flakes before fine powder processing.

Small Hammer Mill

For small capacity production range from 5-20 kg per hour.

Fine Powder Grinder

For fine powder processing ranging from 20- 120 mesh.

Spices Hammer Pulverizer Machine

Suitable for making flavour and herb powders in the 20-60 mesh range.

ultra fine powder grinder

Widely used in a variety of industries for the production of ultra-fine powders from 300-2000 mesh.

V Cone Blender

Designed for mixing the powder and granular materials with good material fluidity and small physical differentiation.

powder ribbon mixer

Gentle mixing of the material without damaging it, possibility of complete discharge.

trough mixer

Horizontal trough type, single paddle stirring, tilted discharge, easy cleaning and low noise.

tray dryer oven

Widely applied for heating, drying, and dehumidifying for materials.

Yinda: Your Reliable Powder Handling Equipment Supplier In China

Yinda Machinery focuses on the engineering and manufacturing of innovative granule and powder preparation machines for a wide range of industries.

Maximise our customers’ profitability and productivity by providing high quality, high functioning machinery.

The long-term experience, continuous development work and effective daily communication with our customers provide you with the best powder handling equipment solutions for your wide range of applications and customised total powder preparation.

Through our focus on total powder  handling equipments over the years, our team has gained extensive and in-depth production experience and a greater understanding of powder and particle processing that we are happy to share with our customers.

Our range of  yinda ultimate services includes:

  1. On-site installation and commissioning
  2. Operational training and assessment
  3. Spare parts and maintenance
  4. Spare parts retail and repair
  5. Preventive maintenance
  6. Upgrades and refurbishment

Hot-selling Equipment For Your Powder Processing

Yinda Powder Handling Equipment -The All-Around FAQ Guide

If you’re scouting for the best powder handling equipment supplier in the market today, it’s going to be a long process for you. Especially after we consider the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands of suppliers of these powder handling equipment and machines.

In this guide, we will get to help you understand more about what powder handling machines are, what its different types are, how you can use it to your advantage, as well as where you can purchase the best and the highest quality of powder handling equipment in the world!

Before we dive into that last part further, let us first have a look at too few information on what powder handling equipment are.

Understanding What Powder Handling and Processing Is

Powder handling  is the process of manipulating goods and products, grinding them to transform them into their dry powder form.

powder handling equipments

An image of how powder handling and processing works

On the opposite end of the rope, powder processes are procedures you can do to convert engineering materials from their dry state to solid and more defined shapes and forms.

What Are Powder Handling Equipment?

From the term, you would already know what powder handling equipment and machines are.

powder handling equipments

One of the many different machines and equipment for powder handling (for ultrafine powder size)

For the benefit of everyone, powder handling equipment are machines or equipment you can use to improve and fully develop manufacturing methods and processes.

They’re machines that can help in the improvement or the development of pulverizing, grinding, or machining food and other types of content.


What Are Some Examples of Powder Handling Equipment?

There are many different types of powder handling machines and equipment in the market.

powder handling equipment

A hammer mill pulverizer – one of the most common powder handling equipment in the market

Here are some of the most common ones that are mentioned to name a few:

Dry Powder Mixer

Dry powder mixers are machines or equipment you usually use if you are to perform dry powder mixing.

Most of these machines are made to be capable of mixing a wide array of dry powders. If you choose to use dry powder mixers, you can be given the guarantee and the full assurance that your business processes will be economically effective and efficient.

Hammer Mill Pulverizer

They’re the machines you can lean and fully bank on to crush materials into fine powder.

Usually, the range of mesh of what you can produce with hammer mill pulverizers would be between 80 and 400 mesh.

The businesses and industries that feel the need to use hammer mill pulverizers are those in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical fields.

Fine Powder Grinder

Fine powder grinders are the grinders or powder handling equipment and machines you want to purchase if you need to produce thin and fine grains (about 20 to 120 mesh).

You can use it to process salt, herbs, sugar, grain, ginger, rice, salt, and many more! But, the usage of these fine powder grinders isn’t just limited to the food industry. You can also use them if your business is in the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacturing industry, and many more!

Tray Dry Ovens

If you need machines or equipment to give you a more accurate and a gentler process of granulation drying, going with tray dry ovens would be the best option to take.

Unlike other drying procedures, tray dryers won’t usually require agitation. In addition to that, you’ll also be allowed to have complete control over heat capacity, separation, and other properties.

3D Mixer

And last but definitely not the worst out of all the common powder handling equipment in the market3D mixers. The purpose of 3D mixers is to be able to mix and combine various materials; materials that you would mix in large sets.

Therefore, you can use a 3D mixer to mix chemicals, powders, as well as other forms of finely grained materials.

These are only the most common powder handling machines and equipment that you can purchase in the market.

You can find a ton of other machines in the market. As a matter of fact, you can start by contacting the powder handling equipment manufacturer you plan on working with!

How Does a Powder Transfer System Work?

A powder transfer system is a system that you usually use to convey and transport material either vertically or horizontally through process machines.

Advanced Hammer Mill Pulverizer Sets

An example of a material transfer conveyor

What Are Bulk Material Handling Equipment?

To understand where these machines classify, we first have to understand what bulk material handling is.

Essentially speaking, bulk material handling is a field in engineering that discusses the design of the machine that will be used for the processing or the handling of dry materials.

Therefore, bulk material handling equipment would be equipment that tackle and cater to granular and powdery in nature.

And in case you’re asking if it’s the same as powder handling equipment, yes, they are the same.

What Businesses Need to Use Powder Handling Equipment?

There are a ton of business sectors and industries that feel the need to use powder handling equipment and machines.

powder handling equipments22

A powder handling machine being used for food (dairy) production

These business industries and sectors are usually those that use powdered forms of goods and products. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Food industry
  • Animal feeds industry
  • Minerals industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Industrial sector
  • Chemical and biochemical industries
  • And many more!

What is the common denominator of all these business? Yes, their common denominator is that most of the products that they offer needs grinding and pulverizing.

In the food industry, salt, sugar, and other types of spices need to be processed; in the minerals industry, they need to be pulverized into fine grains of powder to be used – you get the point.

So, if you find that your business needs it, don’t think twice and contact us!

What Are the Benefits of Using ?

Using powder handling machines and equipment can definitely shave off a lot of time and efforts from your procedures and processes.

No workers are required to meddle with a dry powder mixer

Process Efficiency

Of course, using machines can make your methods and your processes more efficient and effective – that is the main purpose of using equipment, right?

With powder handling equipment, you can increase the efficiency, the rate, the capacity, and even the production more than 100%.

In fact, based on most recent studies and data, powder handling machines and equipment accounted for the relevant reduction of batch time, which meant more time for marketing and advertising.

Better Equipment Life

Since powder handling equipment and machinery are complementary items you can use with other technologies, you can expect a longer and a better equipment life for those.

One good example is through a pneumatic transfer. This particular type of transfer removes the requirement of opening the manway. Therefore, it prevents added risks and dangers of damage and overall deterioration of the part.

Safety and Security of Workers and the Working Environment

With these powder handling machines, you can allot more time and efforts in managing and in handling other things in the business. Why? – because most, if not all of these powder processing technologies can eradicate the need for a worker to intervene.

So, if workers wouldn’t be required to meddle with it any longer, it can promote safety and overall security to the workers and other staff members.

Cleanliness of the Plant

Last, but most definitely not least is the fact that you can keep your factory or your manufacturing plant clean and free from any kind of unwanted dirt.

A lot of these powder handling machines are enclosed; they’re designed this way in order for the contents not to spill or to go out of the machines.

This promotes cleanliness, neatness, and overall orderliness in the plant. You don’t need to hire that extra worker to clean the mess after each project!

Why is Yinda Machinery the Best Company For Your Powder Handling Equipment?

For many years, Yinda Machinery never failed to give customers and clients the guarantee they need for their material handling equipment.

Whatever business sector or industry you are in, our need powder handling equipment will fit you best! If you are in the chemical industry, the industrial business sector, the pharmaceuticals industry, or the minerals industry, you can count on us!

Yinda Machinery can give you the full guarantee of the machines and equipment you need. We take care of your machines and products every step of the way!

We perform everything from project evaluation, confirmation, testing and calibration services – to after-sales services!

Our Expertise in the Market

For many years, we never startled and stopped improving and developing our procedures and our products. As a matter of fact, we always strived to get the most out of what we have right in front of us.

Thanks to the skill and the dedication of all our engineers, we were able to innovate. Soon enough, we have our line of Research & Development (R&D) team, ready and prepared to get you the custom powder handling equipment your business needs.

Quick Glance At Our Powder Handling Equipment

We here at Yinda Machinery are able to produce and manufacture a wide array of powder handling equipment, which can all be specific to your needs!

We have hammer pulverizing machines for spices, powder ribbon mixers, small hammer mills, coarse crushers, trough mixers, and many more!

Reach Out to Us Today!

All of the staff members and the workers that we have under our employ are equipped with the right types of skill and experience.

As a matter of fact, we can offer and give you a free quotation or a free estimate of whatever powder handling equipment you need!

Dial our available hotline or shoot us an email! Allow yourself to experience world-class quality powder handling equipment and get it for the rates and prices you will never regret to pay!

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