Yinda Machinery has felt proud to deliver before and after-sales services perfectly for many years.

Solution for the machines

Before sale services:

Material trial running test service:

You can send the feeding material  or we provide the same or similar material  and organize a trial running test in our factory and make a whole video regarding the demonstration of the processes along with the result. We can even show you the samples to check the quality of the samples.

Design of the machines as request or customized:

Depending on your requirements, Yinda Machinery is available to design a unique solution that supports manufacturing at a higher level. It increases the efficiency and delivers high-quality to you.

OEM and customize service:

The diversity of Yinda Machinery offers both OEM customers and customization services. Our team is highly skilful and can manufacture to bring modifications in the present products for the OEM customers.

After-sale services:

The supply of the machine as the solution by Yinda Machinery is always with the videos for training and manuals for the user. It is a complete guide for installation, working, maintenance, and resolving troubleshooting issues. Even the technicians are available for assistance through telephone, E-mail, 24/7 chat support, and Skype whenever you face any query. You can even visit the factory for training purposes as professional guidance is available. Here is the availability of assembling all equipment, different tools, and testing services.

At your site, engineers will be available t to provide the training and instructions. You need to deal with the visa procedures, travelling expenditures, and residence for us at the servicing time for any report. During the training, the translator needs are available for the engineers, so there is no barrier in communicating with one another.

Purchasing of the mixers and blenders:

Technical support and services:

The objective of Yinda Machinery is to assemble and supply high-quality powder handling systems. There is a strong relationship between the experts and customers. It involves technology’s involvement in manufacturing, management of quality, and executing the projects. Yinda Machinery always assures the customer by meeting the standards at every step of the process.

Solutions of the system:

The experts work on developing the solution to consider the operations required in the process and requirements of the customer. It is the part of the process that the team of experts combine their research and knowledge for the safety of the machinery.

Conferences and training:

The training opportunity is for those who want to gain their skills in the manufacturing sector. Yinda Machinery provides training to all the newbies along with the skilled ones. The topics include are about mixers, grinders and packaging of the machines.


Yinda Machinery’s technologies depend on the research programs held inside the laboratories and projects developed for the customers. Along with the institutes. For the optimization of the manufacturing system, typical knowledge and familiarity about the y6powder processing and information about the different kinds or size of powder handling systems.

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