Tableting Granulation and Blending Solution

Tableting Granulation and Blending Solution


We’re sure you’re no stranger to pills/tablets, which are used in a variety of different shapes for everything from prescription drugs, to health supplements. The tiny bodies carry the precise active ingredients that can help the body recover. So how are pills produced? Today YINDA MACHINERY takes you through the world of tablets. The production of tablets is a tightly controlled process to ensure the effectiveness, safety and consistency of the final product. The following steps are some of the more important parts of the process.


  1. Precise and effective formulation:

Formulation is the basis of production and all devices are produced based on the various elements required for the formulation. A standard formulation typically consists of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and various excipients (inactive ingredients). Formulations are optimized for factors such as drug solubility, stability and bioavailability.


  1. Pulverizing equipment

The materials required in the formulation may have large dimensions, or sufficient active ingredients need to be added to a limited total tablet weight, so pulverizing equipment is required to handle them. YINDA MACHINERY recommends YDWS series pharmaceutical powder pin mill, YDGS series pharmaceutical powder hammer mill, YDGS series FITZ MILL, and YDWF series ACM MILL. Based on your different particle size reduction requirement to choose the workable pulverizing equipment. You also can contact us to get a free recommendation at


  1. Granulation

In the granulation link, the more commonly used granulation methods are wet granulation and dry granulation. Wet granulation needs to add a certain amount of liquid binder to help the particle molding, mainly including rotary granulator, swing granulator, high-efficiency mixing granulator, fluidized bed granulator. Dry granulation is mainly through the combination of powder and some cellulose, through the extrusion to obtain particles, mainly dry granulator.


YINDA Dry granulation recommendation for your quick check:


YINDA Wet Pharma Granulation System for your reference:


  1. Mixing equipment

Depending on the specific formulation, a mixture of the main active ingredients and excipients is configured in preparation for tableting. At this stage, YINDA MACHINERY recommends YDV series pharmaceutical powder mixing machine V-type mixer, YDW series pharmacy powder blending machine double cone mixer. Together with dust-free automatic loading to automate the mixing process and reduce human contamination.


YINDA YDV series pharmaceutical powder mixing machine V-type mixer quick link:



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YINDA YDW series pharmacy powder blending machine double cone mixer quick link:




  1. Drying equipment

Drying equipment reduces the moisture in pharmaceutical powders and granules. Commonly used tablet drying equipment includes spray dryers, rotary dryers and fluidized bed dryers.


YINDA YDFL series fluid bed dryer for pharmaceutical powder drying quick link:

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  1. Tablet pressing equipment

This is the core equipment used to compress powder or dried granules into tablets according to a recipe. It consists of a hopper for feeding the mixed powder, a set of punches and dies for pressing the tablets and a pressing mechanism. Depending on the type of tablets, YINDA MACHINERY Tablet Presses are available in various types such as Single Punch Tablet Presses, Rotary Tablet Presses and Multi-station Tablet Presses.


YINDA Tablet Press Machine quick link:



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  1. Tablet coating machine (optional)

Tablet coating systems and polishers cover the surface of tablets with a thin layer of coating solution. There are multiple benefits to using a tablet coating machine, such as masking odors and tastes and extending shelf life. This is an optional item that is adapted to specific needs.

In addition to the above, there are in fact many more details of the production of drugs environment, in short, the production of tablets need to pay close attention to detail, compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and strict quality control, in order to produce safe and effective medicines for patients. Yinda Machinery’s all the equipment according to the GMP standards of the design and production, to help the pharmaceutical companies to quickly match the production line. Please feel free to contact us if you have such needs.

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