Wet Granulation Production Line Guidance

Wet Granulation Production Line Guidance


What is the Wet Granulation Production Line?

A wet granulation production line is a process used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries to produce granules from powders. This technology is primarily used to improve the properties of powders, such as flowability, compressibility and homogeneity, which are essential for the production of consistent, high quality products such as tablets and capsules. And wet granulation is suitable for materials that are not sensitive to moisture. Based on the more widely used pharmaceutical lines today, Yinda recommends the following wet granulation production lines for your consideration.


What the Wet Granulation Production Line is required?

  1. Yinda GHL series HighShear Mixer Granulator:

YINDA High Shear Mixer Granulator is a wet granulation equipment granulation which is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Its main function is to mix powders and binders into granules by high shear and compression forces. If the recipe is relatively simple, the mixer can also be omitted subsequently, which can also save costs.


  • High Shear Mixing:

YINDA high shear and mixer granulator utilizes a combination of impeller and chopper action to provide intense mixing and shearing forces to ensure uniform mixing and size reduction of particles.

  • Fast granulation:

It rapidly converts powder into granules through the combined action of the built-in mixing paddles, and the added liquid binder.

  • Closed System:

The closed chmmber helps prevent dust generation and dust contamination, ensuring a clean and safe operating environment that meets GMP standards.

  • variable speed control:

Both impeller and chopper speeds can be adjusted to optimize the mixing and granulation process for different materials and formulations.

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Yinda GHL series High Shear Mixer Granulator for wet granulation production line


  1. Fluid Bed Dryer:

YINDA Fluidized Bed Dryer for wet granulation production line is an important piece of equipment used for drying granules, powders or crystalline materials in various industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food and agriculture. In the wet granulation process, it is often connected to a granulator to dry the particles obtained by wet granulation. The basic working principle is fluidization, where a gas (usually air) passes through a bed of solid particles at high speed, causing the particles to behave like a fluid and evaporating water at the required rate to reach the required humidity.


  • Uniform fluidization and drying:

The central feature is the ability to fluidize the material to ensure that each particle is surrounded by the drying medium (usually hot air), resulting in uniform drying.

  • Efficient heat transfer:

Extremely high heat transfer rate due to constant movement and contact between the hot air and the material.

  • Control System:

Equipped with an advanced control system that monitors and adjusts temperature, airflow and drying time for optimum performance and consistent results.

  • Versatility:

The YINDA Fluid Bed Dryer can perform multiple functions such as drying, granulating and coating in the same unit.

  • Closed Systems.

Ensures that the drying process is enclosed and dust-free, reducing contamination and meeting GMP standards.

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Yinda YDLZ series Fluid Bed Dryer for wet granulation production line


  1. Size ReductionEquipment:

Yinda size reduction equipment for wet granulation production line plays a critical role in pharmaceutical powder manufacturing processes by reducing the size of raw materials to create finer particles for further processing. According to different particle size requirements, here are several machine types for option. These machines are also widely used in industries such as food processing, mineral processing, and chemicals.




  • Automation and one-touch control systems with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) as an option for precise control of operations.
  • Durable Materials and Corrosion Resistance: Typically made of stainless steel 304 or 316L to withstand the stresses of milling. This is especially important in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • Expandability: Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different production volumes from small batches to large-scale industrial production.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Easy access to critical components for maintenance and repair.
  • Safety Features: Emergency stop function allows for immediate shutdown in the event of an emergency.
  • Energy Efficiency: Engineered to minimize energy consumption while maximizing production.
  • Noise and vibration control: ≤70 dB


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Yinda YDWF series ACM MILL for wet granulation production line


  1. Blending Equipment:

In many industries, Yinda mixers/blending machines for wet granulation production line are essential for blending various ingredients into a homogeneous mixture. They have the features and functionality to meet the specific needs of a wide range of applications, from food production to pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Here are some of Yinda’s more popular models for you to choose from.




  • Material of Construction Stainless steel 304/316L Commonly used for its durability and corrosion resistance, especially for food and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Rubber seals: for lids or inlets to prevent leakage of mixtures.
  • Automatic control system: One-touch start and PLC optional. Allows precise control of mixing parameters such as speed, time and temperature.
  • Capacity and Scalability: Available in a wide range of sizes to handle different outputs, from small lab-scale mixers to large industrial facilities.
  • Optional CIP (Clean In Place) system: Allows thorough cleaning without dismantling the machine, which is important for hygiene-sensitive industries, especially pharmaceuticals.
  • Safety features Guardrails and infrared protection: protect the operator from moving parts.
  • Emergency stop button: Immediate stop in case of emergency.
  • Noise control: ≤ 70 dB


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Yinda YDV series V type mixer for wet granulation production line

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Yinda YDW series Double cone blender for wet granulation production line


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Yinda Bin mixer for wet granulation production line


  1. Tablet Press or Capsule Filling Machine
  • Function: Compresses mixed particles into tablets or capsules.
  • Features: High-performance speed operation, precise dosing, and customization of the tool to different shapes and sizes.


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  1. Coating Equipment (optional):
  • Function: Coating tablets with a layer of coating for controlled release, flavor masking or aesthetic purposes.
  • Features: Disc coating machine or fluidized bed coating machine with spraying and drying coating function.


What are Advantages of Wet Granulation Production Line?

  1. Better flowability: wet granulation produces granules with better flowability than other methods.
  2. Homogeneity: Ensures uniform distribution of active ingredients.
  3. Compactness: Improved compressibility of the powder compared to dry granulation, resulting in better tablet formation.
  4. Dust Reduction: Minimizes dust generation, improving the safety and cleanliness of the production environment.
  5. Various applications: besides the pharmacetuicals, it is also suitable for food industry, chemicals, etc.


What are Disadvantages of Wet Granulation Production Line?

  1. Higher initial investment in equipment compared to dry granulation.
  2. Higher complexity, requiring more steps and tight control of process parameters.
  3. Moisture sensitivity is an important factor: not applicable to moisture sensitive materials.


Wet granulation lines are an integral part of modernizing the production of a wide range of solid dosage forms to ensure product quality, consistency and efficiency. If you have similar needs, please feel free to contact Yinda Machinery, we will provide you with feasible suggestions to help you handle your solid granulation project.




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